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Since 2000

Hereditas, Lda is a small family business company founded in the year 2000. This company concentrates its activity exclusively on the production of wines of high quality at Quinta dos Cardeais, about 10km to the north of Estremoz (Alentejo).

The vineyards, which comprise 14 hectares, are situated on the clay slopes of the Sousel hills, where regional grapes varieties predominate, but in association with some french varieties. Annual production is around 60.000 bottles of red wine and 15.000 bottles of white wine, retailed under the brandname “HEREDITAS”.

Hereditas, is a latin word that means legacy, and represents my expression of gratitude to my uncle João Dionísio that ignited in me my passion for agriculture and respect for nature. He inspired me to follow my call to study agricultural science and later on left me in his small “The vineyard on the stream”.

Today and in the future, our purpose is produce exceptional wines that reach all continents with intention to honors and dignifies the lasting legacy for which it may claim its true origin.